About Us

About Us


My name is Christine Allgood. I have originally started an online store twenty years ago, but the niche was not right and I was not successful. Here I am again, striving to be better than ever before.

I, is now a we, and much thanks to my husband, James Allgood, whom I have known since 2015, is very supportive of the store I created for all of us.

We opened up the store in April 2018 and already we are beginning to see much progress. How I came up with the niche was based on our last name. I tried to think of products that would be "all good for you". It is originally based on "Mind, Body and Soul", but I have added "Heart" and a "Pet" section, because they make us feel "all good" too, and taking care of their needs helps them help us.

So now our new motto is "Striving to bring you the best products and services in Health & Wellness for your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul".

Happy Shopping, and may it be all good for you!




(Update: WE GOT MARRIED!!! May 3rd, 2019)




Please drop us an email if you have any suggestions or just to say "hi" at:




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