Here are some questions that were brought up by our customers and answers added for our customers:



Do you accept money orders or checks for purchases?

Yes we do.


When will I receive my order?

Usually in 5-10 business days; maximum up to 21 days


What is the referrer program?

For anyone who is interested, I will pay people to get paying customers to buy from us. We are a fairly new store and this is our way of saying "thank you". We can only accept a certain amount of people referring for us until we get on our feet.

We are offering to pay 10% of the customers total purchase. If the same customer orders again, that you referred, you will be paid 5% on their total purchase, every time they order. The person you refer will also get a 10% discount, the first time they order.

How does the referrer program work?

If you are interested, you will be given a special promotion code just for you to give out to the people, and hopefully future customers, you refer. That is how we will know that you indeed referred them.

You will email me referrals@itsallgood4u.com requesting to refer customers and how you'd like to get paid, and I will give you a detailed instructional email of your code and other tips and/or ideas on how you can "spread the word".

You may also call us if you'd like at 732-300-4779


How will I get paid  if I joined the referrer program?

That will be up to you, There are a few options: we can wire the money to you (the fee will be your responsibility), we can pay you via money order, we can pay you via Paypal, or if you prefer, we can give you store credit. If there is any other way that we did not mention here, please let us know.



Please contact us at customerservice@itsallgood4u.com if you have any questions about anything on our store.

Thank you and may it be all good for you!






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